Hattori Foundation received the Authorization of the Japanese Ministry of Home Affairs on February 6th, 1919. Established in 1919 by Tarokichi Hattori, it has been active in educational philanthropy in a wide range of fields ever since. The fundamental purpose of the Foundation is to make the best possible contribution to improving the welfare of local society. The Foundation actively supports educational activities at all levels from early childhood through to tertiary level. It aims to contribute to the further development of Okazaki as a city of culture and education and help revive the distinctive features of the Mikawa region.

In regards to international education, the Hattori Foundation has set itself several key objectives. Each of these objectives lead directly to cooperation with other education providers in Japan and around the world.

In particular, the Foundation set about to concentrate resources into improving the quality of Japanese language education for international students both inside Japan and in their own countries. Our scholarships, research and assistance to academics in this field are key parts of this effort. However the absence of a genuinely high quality institution specialising only in the teaching of Japanese language programs, and open to applications from all nationalities regardless of institutional links, led to the direct establishment of the Yamasa Institute by the Foundation itself. From its initial establishment, Yamasa has constantly been setting ever increasing standards in this field.

Principal Activities of the Foundation:

The Yamasa Institute
One of Japan's most progressive and forward looking academic institutions, the Yamasa Institute is dedicated to excellence and genuinely international education.

Aichi Center for Japanese Studies
Now firmly established as one of Japan's leading centers for Japanese language teaching and research. The A.C.J.S. is based at the Yamasa Institute campus in the historic city of Okazaki in central Japan. The Center offers a range of academic Japanese programs as well as high quality extension programs - again specialized in teaching the Japanese language. Scholarships and financial assistance is available as is low cost student housing as well as homestays.

Aichi Continuing Education Center for Studyabroad (Hattori Foundation, ACE)
Support services for Japanese students including free couseling, application assistance and visa applications.

Yamasa Sensei
Support services for Japanese language teachers including intranet, chatroom, database access, scholarship information, refresher courses and useful links.

Yamasa Access
The only comprehensive bilingual database of Japanese universities and graduate schools. Essential for international students considering further studies in Japan and for academic advisors.

Hattori Fellowships
Financial aid and guidance for advanced students of Japanese aiming for graduate school positions.

Yamasa Scholarships
Scholarship assistance for students enrolling in the Aichi Center for Japanese Studies.

JET Program Support Site.
Support services for young people participating in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

Homepage, database and Intranet support for academics in the field of Japanese language education in the Chubu region.

Internships & Traineeships
Language instruction and work experience in Japanese companies for international students.

OIIC (Okazaki International Interchange Center)
Coordinating and facilitating cultural exchange. Homestay in Japan program for international students and overseas study tours for Japanese.